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    Localize Flex

    Thomas Friedl

      I'm trying to localize Flex (to German/Austria). But I'm encountering some problems.

      First I created a new folder (de_AT) in my SDK/frameworks/locale folder. Then I copied the content from the en_US folder and edited it. After playing a while with the ANT xml file (build_framework.xml) I successfully compiled the property files into the swc files. Just as a note: The compiler couldn't find the ${bundles} variable so I had to specify the files by myself.

      Now my problem is that in german some month names for example contain unicode characters (Jänner, März). If I save the properties files as unicode files I can't compile them anymore. If I don't save them as unicode Flex displays J?nner, M?rz instaed of Jänner/März. (DateField)

      The next problem is that Flex seems to ignore the language files when it outputs dates? For example Date.toDateString() still uses the english month/day names.

      I know I can tell the DateField how the month names are called...and I can also write my owndate conversion function. But is there a better way to solve my problems? Can it be done with the localization features?

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          dimival Level 1
          I had the same problem but when spanish characters and did this to solve it:

          Open the properties file that is in german, cut everything (leaving it blank) and save. Now right-click the file and click Properties, then select UTF-8 for the encoding, click OK and ignore the warning that will appear. Now open your properties file again and paste what you cut, save and compile.
          This should work, i already tried it for spanish characters and it worked. If the compiler throws an error about the ResourceBundle go to the Project menu and select Clean, then try compiling again.