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    Erratic realtime preview PPCS5.5


      Dear All!


      I have a PPCS5.5 project, with 4 sequence.( AVCHD 1080p 25fps sequence settings)Last time I opened my project everything was fine, the realtime preview goes smooth.

      Than I worked few hours in a clip, and next time (yesterday) when I opened the project again, the timeline preview was very poor, and slow.

      I looks like Mercury Playback engine not working but still I have a yellow line, + the projext setting window shows GPU accelerated MPE.

      I have a storng X79 pc with RAID 0, and ssd for os, 32GB RAM, and oveclocked (4,2GHz) I73930K.And the wasnt any hardvare modification before I opened my project.

      I dont have any idea what should I check , so If you have please tell me.

      Thanks in advance.