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    Printing issue with black from PDF (original is indesign)

    SimonLaughton Level 1

      Hi guys


      I just wondered if anyone maybe able to help with this one.  We have an in-house printing department at my workplace where all larger runs go.


      I have produced a leaflet in indesign and pdf'd it for print.  However there were some issues when it came back (issues which didn't happen when I printed it to our normal office printer).


      I have a number of boxes which were a 70% tint of black.  They printed out fine on the normal office printer but when they came back from our printing department the "grey" (ie 70% black) was really faded to the point of being a very light grey.


      They is also text on the document which I used the same tint for which came out lighter than expected.


      I wondered if the printer was having trouble with the tint colours so I have created a new solid swatch which was C0 M0 Y0 K70 but this hasnt worked either.



      Any suggestions anyone?