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    link alias files in indesign




      since we installed osx 10.7 (lion) we arent able to link(place) alias files of images in indesign. With 10.6 everything was fine. The error exists in indesign cs3, 4 and 5. Does anybody have a clue how to fix this?


      greetings hugo

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What are alias files?


          Can you be more specific to the workflow?

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            Hugo184 Level 1

            when you alt+command drag an image to another location an alias file of the image is created. Prior to 10.7 we were able to place these alias files in indesign.

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              John Hawkinson Level 5

              Confirmed. It seems medium-serious, I've filed a bug.


              It appears that the NSOpenPanel is returning aliases instead of files and InDesign is not handling them properly.


              I don't think there is likely to be a good workaround. Depending on what goes wrong, it may be possible to interpose a function in front of NSOpenPanel that calls setResolvesAliases. Find a MacOSX developer and see if they're excited about it?

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                I need the ability to place alias images as well. I manage many images, and use aliases to organize them in various ways. John, thanks for filing the bug -- anxiously awaiting a fix...

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                  John Hawkinson Level 5

                  I believe Adobe's conclusion last year was that this was an Apple bug, and that it had an Apple bug id: rdar://10746072.  Last I heard Apple had "acknowledged" they needed to fix it. Is it still broken in 10.8.3?


                  Alternatively, InDesign CS7 will be Cocoa based rather than Carbon based, so it might magically start working there? At least a few months away, though, if not more.

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                    cqgraphics Level 1

                    Thanks for the additional info, John. Yes, to clarify, I am using CS5 with Mac OS 10.8.3. The error returned when attempting to place the alias is "Cannot place this file. No filter found for requested operation".

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                      John Hawkinson Level 5

                      Ironically, of course we deployed a 10.8 machine running InDesign recently and this actually cropped up.

                      So I had to come up with a solution.


                      I have one in proof-of-concept mode right now.

                      I need to package it up a bit better to make it more usable.

                      Ideally later tonight, maybe tomorrow.


                      Does anyone need this to work on anything other than CS5?

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                        John Hawkinson Level 5

                        Ideally later tonight, maybe tomorrow.

                        OK, I have a functional proof-of-concept. I'm not sure if this is the way I really want to package it, but it works for now. Please see https://github.com/johnhawkinson/IDAlias for code, instructions, and a build.


                        But, in short:


                        Download and install IDAlias.dylib into ~/Library and then run, in Terminal.app:

                        launchctl setenv DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES ~/Library/IDAlias.dylib

                        and restart InDesign.

                        (the launchctl line is all one line, no carriage returns)


                        This replaces Apple's [NSSavePanel URLs] in all applications with a version that resolves aliases.

                        Needless to say, this can affect apps other than InDesign, and might affect them in negative ways.

                        Even if I haven't screwed up, it might cause problems.


                        So consider it alpha-quality software. But please let me know if it works.


                        On the other hand, it does seem to work in versions later than CS5…

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                          John Hawkinson Level 5

                          So, cqgraphics, Hugo184, any thoughts?

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                            cqgraphics Level 1

                            Hi John

                            Have a pile of work on my desk at the moment, but will give this a test next week -- Thank you! ~Caroline

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                              Hi, i am quite new here and i have also this Alias problem. Everything worked quite ok till i got a new imac and 10.11

                              and CC2015 ;-(


                              Now i have the Alias Problem. With Johns Notes how to fix it I was able to fix this under 10.9 a year ago i think, but now...


                              I did what the homepage says for 10.11 placing the 10.11 version in my home library and doing the command in terminal

                              DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES=~/Library/IDAlias.dylib '/Applications/Adobe InDesign CC 2015/Adobe InDesign CC 2015.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe InDesign CC 2015'


                              the command finishes in the terminal window and Indesign opens . But the Alias again does not work. there are related errors in the console i think,


                              @John: do you have any suggestions, news on this (because you say : more thougts onnnnnn this soon April 2016 ;-))

                              thx for any help