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    CSS problem (While Upgrading Robohelp 7 to Robohelp 9)

    GEENA1 Level 1


      I am in process of upgrading Robohelp 7 to Version 9. My Projects were upgraded sucessfully. I was able to open them locally with no problems. I am using Visual sourcesafe to deploy htm files on the Server. When I looked in the browser the formatting was gone (Style sheet was not applied). I opened the project in Robohelp 9 and see the correct style sheet was selected. In the Html view, the CSS code was there.

      <link rel="StyleSheet" href="../styles.css" type="text/css" />


      I assigned "none" then reapply the style sheet on the page and then I was able to see the correct formatting in the browser.

      If it is a small project I would have go to each page and do the same but I have two big projects with around 2500 pages each. Is there any easy way to do it?

      Thanks in Advance.