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    Best way to automate noise reduction early in the process (3rd party plugin)


      Hi all,


      Currently, when processing a RAW file, I open it up in ACR, do what I have to do with exposure, contrast, vibrance and so on (but no noise reduction) and then open it up in Photoshop CS4. At this point the first thing I do is apply noise reduction (I've a batch script for that that runs through all open images and applies pre-determined settings according to the file's ISO number).


      It seems that it's better to apply NR before any adjustments - including those in ACR, I assume - so I was wondering if there was a way to push forward the application of the 3rd party plugin (Noise Ninja) to before I do anything in ACR, without: opening the RAW in ACR, doing nothing to it, sending it straight to PS, applying NR, then somehow going back to ACR to do all the other adjustments (or doing them all manually in PS) as this would lengthen my workflow significantly.


      Any ideas?