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    Restoring Links - inDesign CS5.5 - Highlighting found links in finder


      In inDesign CS4 -

      When I was searching for and re-linking missing links within my inDesign document, I would select the link in the links panel, click the relink icon in the Links panel, and go search for my link. Once I arrived at the folder where the link was housed, either indesign or my finder would highlight (with a light gray bar) the found link which had the same filename + extension. I'm not sure if it was finder or inDesign, but I immediately found my link because it was conveniently highlighted, and then inDesign would relink any other missing links within that same folder.


      Since upgrading to inDesign CS5.5 -

      I've noticed that when I go to relink a missing file and I've found the folder it's in, my finder no longer highlights the file which has the exact same filename and extension. Does anyone know how to enable this feature, of highlighting file names within the finder when the match the name of the link being searched for? Nothing jumped out at me in inDesign preferences, or in the drop-down menu options of the links panel.


      I haven't been able to find any other forum discussions which address this.

      Any help is greatly appreciated. This was a very convenient tool that helped me find files quickly and accurately in CS4.