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    Robohelp 8 File Publishing Issues

    Andre Barriault

      I’ve recently had to transfer my work to another Robohelp 8 user in my department.


      I’ve copied all of the necessary files and folders needed to this person. She is then able to open the project and update it as necessary, but an issue arises when she attempts to publish the files to our server (we don’t experience any issues when we’re generating the primary layout).


      As soon as she attempts to publish the file (after Generate Primary Layout) she gets the following error message:


      “Robohelp 8 failed to create file: bkg_toc_metal.gif”


      What I don’t understand is that she’s using the exact same files that I've been using, and I don't have any issues publishing to the server with them.


      Is there a better way of sharing projects between Robohelp 8 users? (we currently copy the file folders to a USB drive and then access these files on her machine). I haven’t been able to find other way to export the project.


      We are both using the same version number of Robohelp 8 (


      Any help would appreciated!