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    How to shift a line series in a line chart


      I have live data coming from webservice which is populating an arraylist of 30 items. Now I want to show only the latest 30 values in the line chart so when a new value comes in, I remove the oldest value and add the new value to the arraylist. Now the problem is if I indicate my arraylist as my dataprovider of the line series and use the SeriesInterpolate effect (the duration of which is the sampling interval of webservice), every data points are interpolated again and there is a lot of variation noticeable in the graph. I don't want that, I want the series shift to the left with the right most value being my new value from the web service( i.e. only the 29 th and 30th value is interpolated)  the rest of the graph is just shifted to the left.

      Is there any way to achieve this?

      I was thinking may be movinf the horizonatl axis at the same rate but seems like there is no way to animate effects to horizontal axis.

      Thanks a lot in advance.