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    Editing Blind Folded to Color - Gradable Monitors

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I have been using a very subpar external monitor for CC, and grading.

      I purchased 2 - 28" LG LED monitor but it is definately too bright. Blacks are less black so when i CC video it show up as very dark or darker than expected on other viewing screens.My looks are suffering because of this.


      I need a decent monitor but i do not have the budget for a 1k or even $750. monitor. Some say that you can do it on LED some say that you need a plasma or IPS monitor.


      What is the most affordable to mid range monitor for grading?


      My out put is BM Intensity.

      My Max res right now is 1080p.

      I use Premier and FCP6 equally.

      I also use PS, AE, C4D and Motion for GFX.


      Pre-Thanks for your help.