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    Editing from one sequence to another. Why cant I get 4 audiotracks to my new sequence?

    olesommarset Level 1



      I`m working with P2 clips, for news. Im all new to premiere, migrating from AVID.


      I want to drag all of my DVCPRO HD P2 clips into one long sequence. Then log it and start editing.

      I put my sequence nr. 1 in source monitor, and find the part of my sequence that I want. Set in an inpoint and a outpoint.

      Drag it down to my sequence number 2. Or push F10.. But only the first audiotrack og maybe if I´m lucky the first and the second audiotrack will follow down to the timeline on sequence number 2.


      If i editing direct from my P2 clips, all four tracks will follow, after setting clip - modify - audio channels - and enables all four...


      I want all the 4 tracks to follow... But I cant manage.. Please help me, I dont want to go back to AVID... ;-)