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    ADE won't open epubs


      I've been using the Windows version of Adobe Digital Editions for about a year, in which time it opened the epubs on my computer nicely. Starting a few days ago, however, it refuses to open any of the existing epubs on my machine, even the ones listed in the library. It just does not respond to my clicking or double-clicking on any of the many titles I have. I reinstalled, uninstalled, reinstalled, and so on but nothing changes.


      When opening the Digital Editions, I get the error message:


      Error during recovery after failed manifest save.

      Error deleting file: C:\Users\Frank\Documents\My Digital Editions\manifest.xml

      Error detail: Error #2038


      I went into that directory and deleted the manifest.xml file manually, but when I restart the program I get the same message.


      Is there a fix for this? Thanks!


      Frank D


      Message was edited by: frank14612 Since there's been no answer or interest shown to this submission, I'll just uninstall this program and switch over to the Kindle for PC, which works perfectly for me. Thanks! :) Frank