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    Setting Up a Document in InDesign


      I am new to CS5 and using InDesign for all sorts of documents in my new job. One of the things I've had trouble figuring out how to do is how to set up one long, continuous text document over several pages. I have to generate a report this month about 25 pages long, and I want to set up a document that's going to work like Word, where I can cut and paste items and it will make text jump to the next page as I add more material. I only know how to do this one way and it seems like it is so time-consuming there must be a better way. The way I've been doing it is formatting page by page, and clicking on the red box at the bottom right of each new text box to bring overflowing text into the text box I create on the next page. However, material is just starting to come in so I don't even have a lot of overflow text yet. I want to set it up so that when I start to get a lot of information, I can just cut and paste from email/Word. Do I really have to manually create a text box on every page of the document?


      The other problems I'm having are with margins and columns. Same thing basically with margins as with the above problem: I have to manually change margins on each new page as I go along which is annoying. Can't I just set the whole document to have the same margins on every page? How do I do that?!


      With columns, I know where the menu for columns is at the top, but it isn't doing what I want it to do, which is again to basically function like a Word document does: I type text and when it gets to the end of the first column, it jumps a second (or third, fourth etc . . .) column. The Column menu, as far as I can see, only shows you margin lines for the page.


      Not having ever taken a class or anything, and basing my work solely off what the person before me had done and what I can cut and paste, I just need really basic instructions. Half my frustration is setting up a document - from there I'm learning the rest of the program fine!


      OH - and while I am asking questions, how come on my new documents, the boxes are outlined in blue, but on my predecessor's files, the boxes are all outlined in red?