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    Help - One of many table strokes is not visible.  Do you have a fix?


      I have a table in CS5 that has mutiple columns and rows.  The final row in the table has a colored stroke on all sides (on white background), as does the rest of the table.  However, the last row in the the table does not have a visible bottom stroke.  Below is a list of what I have tried thus far, with no success:


      1.  Extended bounding box on all sides of table to ensure no visible features were hidden.

      2.  Removed all strokes from the entire table.  Then, added them back in with a stroke on all four sides.

      3.  Added an extra row below my final row of content, removed all strokes and added them back in.  The stroke that should have a color between the last contect row and the extra blank row had vertical stroke, but horizontal stroke was not visible.  A no-color gap existed between the vertical stroke where the horizontal stroke should be.


      I'm a Newbie, so my terms may not be technically correct.  Please let me know if clairification is needed.


      indesign table issue.PNG