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    Flow text to an anchored frame

    Ken Krugh Level 1

      Happy New Year all,


      I'm pretty sure I'm sunk here and that InD simply doesn't do this but I thought I'd check.


      We have a secondary story flowing through a series of text frames, kind of like footnotes at the bottoms of the pages. The client has now decided to repage the book with significant changes to the text flow and I was trying to anchor the existing text frames with their references to help speed up the repage.


      I've written a script with which you click on the first frame, then run the script which puts up a message telling the operator to plant the cursor where they want the frame anchored. The script then draws a frame, styles it with the same object style as the frame that was selected earlier and attempts to flow the text into the new frame. Without anchoring the frame and simply drawing it on the page all works well. But when I try to anchor the frame I get the message "Invalid object for this request."


      I can't seem to make this work manually either so I'm guessing it simply isn't possible. True?


      Working in InD CS3, Windows, scripting with VB.


      Thanks a bunch,