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    Various settings not sticking


      In Premiere Elements 10, I have the following three probably related issues:


      1. Annoyingly, the "Open Recent Project" option shows no recent projects, although there is, in fact, a recent project.  I have to navigate the Windows folder system to find it.


      2. Also annoyingly, I am asked every time I open the program whether I want to download additional content, although every time, I check "No" and "Don't show again."  (The "show all do not show again" box in preferences is unchecked.)


      3. Less annoyingly, although I "sign in" to my Adobe account, and I get a message saying that I have successfully signed in, the program doesn't show me as signed in.


      Any thoughts?


      Many thanks.

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          mrl2 Level 1

          Following up on my own message, to add insult to injury, when I try to deal with my issue #2 by downloading the content that the program keeps asking me about, I get an error message:  "Cancelled bundle.  Restart the download."  Which, when I do it, generates the same message.