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    Thick, black lines - only seen after sending .eps file onto network


      This is an odd one and I have my IT guys looking into. This is a unique problem that has only recently started - but I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue.


      I work on a Mac but have colleagues who still insist on working on Windows. So we send files over a network for transfer and use.


      When I save an .eps in Photoshop on my Mac, it works just fine. But when I drag-and-drop the file onto our PC-based network (I don't know the details on the network - that's another department), and my colleague opens the file, there is a thick, black segment through the image. It usually is horizontal and typically right through the middle (although that is not consistent). BUT if I open the original file on my Mac, save it through the application onto the network (same location), the problem is averted.


      We recently had updates (well...if you want to call them that) on our network and ever since I've noticed the problem. So I think it has something to do with the network, but I'm unsure.

      It almost looks like the visual information is not provided/sent over the network - but that's a guess.


      Has anyone else seen this in Photoshop .eps files?

      (It also happens with .tif files, but not .jpgs)


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.