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    Working with AVCHD in Premiere Pro CS5


      I'm editing a small promotional video for a new client and they have provided me with the footage. The problem is that I have never edited AVCHD in premiere before. I thought i would be okay as long as I used the AVCHD sequence presets, but I am already running into problems: 1) upon initial import, there appears to be artifacting in the bin footage that was not present when I viewed the raw files and 2) when i try to lay footage onto the sequence, no audio is imported. Someone please help! The footage was shot on a Sony HDR SR5 (1080i, 1440x1080, 29.97 fps, 6-channel compressed 48k audio, MPEG in .m2ts file extension).


      Additionally, are there any other major obstacles I risk running into moving forward working with AVCHD?