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    Trapcode Particular Questions


      Hey all, I just now started using trapcode particular and upon doing so and looking at a few tutorials i wanted to maybe get some help with my project im working on. I have a scen where i want my actor to warp into the scene almost like nightcrawler in the xmen movies but i wanted to make it more flowy instead of the smoke that people use. I was working with particular emitters and following a light but i kinda wants a very thick particle layer that flows out in all different directions and some particles may float up and some maybe down but dissipate. Kinda like liquid smoke i suppose. Anyone have any knowledge on this that may be able to help me get what i want? that way i get a finnished project and can better understand how it all works. Also, when i try to make the particles black, they dissapear.. i know black is usually a transparent color on AE but i have seen black particles done. Any help would be just awesome! Im kinda stumped =/