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    MX Charts & Module Loading Delays


      I have a simple Flex4 application with a single module that is loaded that contains a simple <mx:PlotChart width="100%" height="100%" id="foo"/>.  After the module loaded event completes (ModuleEvent.READY), there is a significant delay (7+ seconds) prior to the chart being displayed.  If I remove the PlotChart and replace it with a simple <s:Label...>, the label displays immediately.


      The profiler shows that [enterFrameEvent] of 7480 ms with the chart and 292ms when only the label is declared.  It has this delay when the module is either optimized for the application OR not.


      Good news is that if I switch to SDK 4.5.1 the graph appears instantly with no delays.


      I'd love to help figure out why this is occuring in 4.6 so somebody let me know what is needed.


      Perhaps it's related somehow to this issue: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4133531