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    Moving track matte changes path when applied to a video track


      Dear all,


      I'm using a moving track matte in CS5 V5.03.  In the first video track is completely yellow, the second completely black. On the uppermost track I've got a moving 100x100 square which I've defined in the titler and animated with motion key frames:

      01 Title.jpg

      The sqare is moving from the upper left corner to the lower right.  It is completely visible!

      02 Moving Track Matte.jpg

      When I now apply this matte to the second video track, the "moving path" is changing:

      03 Result.jpg

      It seems that the square starts end ends outside the visible area.


      Has someone a solution for this?  Is it a bug?


      All video tracks are 720x576 pixels, aspect ratio 1,0940


      Thanks in advance,