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    Choose a value from drop-down list and sumbit




      I am completely new in forms and javascrpit so my question is very simple:


      I created a drop-down list with names.


      I want to press a button and sumbit the pdf doc to the mail of the coresponding name of the drop-down list.



      My code




      var aa=DropDownList1.rawvalue;

      var bb;


      if (aa="George") {bb="george@company.gr"}

      else if (aa="Nikos") {bb="nikos@company.gr"}

      event.target.mailDoc(true, bb, "", "", "Your completed PDF form is returned");




      The code has no bugs, but after pressing the button, the pdf is being sended allways to george@company.gr. It behaves as if I declared a constant bb="george@company.gr"

      It does not take into consideration the value from the drop-down menu


      Could you please help me ?