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    AS Class

      Here is the main class which imports the QueeryParserClass


      import classes.QueeryParser;
      import flash.events.Event;

      public class GenSubmit

      public function GenSubmit(event:Event)
      var qp:QueeryParser = new QueeryParser(event)


      The event being passed in is from a combo box. I do a

      _filtervalue = event.currentTarget.selectedLabel;
      within the constructor of the QueeryParser class.
      then I have a public function (getfiltervalue) also inside the QueeryParser class that returns the value.

      I can trace it out as shown above. but say I wanted to assign that value to a textbox, I can't do it.
      None of the properties inside the class, even if I declare them public and Bindable are visible outside the class.

      Can someone explain this?


      Nevermind, figured it out, at least one way. In event somebody else has same problem I just created
      a Bindable Public var right after the class name, GenSubmit in this case and then within the constructor I used

      jorge = qp.getfiltervalue(); // the returned value from my function in imported class QueeryParser.

      Now, jorge is available to use anywhere else.