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    Page numbering quesiton

    inquestflash Level 1

      hello forumers.


      im having trouble getting my page numbering as id like.


      here in this simple sample i have 5 pages.and im trying to get page 2 to be where the numbering begins.

      so that means page 2 will say 1.so im going to the> numbering and sections options.

      i click on the start page number,and type in 2. and click ok.


      but nothing happens.


      but what im trying ot achive is,since im making a small 5paper document.and i have 5 pages,

      the front cover which is page 1 should not have a number page.



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          W. Bravenboer Level 1

          Perhaps you can use the Section numbering? So start a new section on what needs to be page 1 and so on?

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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Right Click on the real First Page - go Numbering and Section options - set the Style to something like roman numerals - say ok



            Right Click on Page 2 and go to Numbering and Section Options - set it to start at page 1.



            Just to note: this is highly unusual - as normally the odd numbered pages are on the right side. So you'll see the pages Jump so that 1 is now on the right page.


            If you want 1 on the Left side, go to Pages Panel and into the side menu of the panel - untick Allow Document Pages to Shuffle, then Manually drag Page 1 to the left of the line.