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    Problem with Hosted Exchange Connection

    Ray West

      Using cfexchangeconnection, I am trying to open and close a connection to an Exchange Server that is hosted by one of the big ISPs that does that kind of thing. I am getting a 440 error. I asked the ISP a bunch of questions about their setup and they were kind enough to respond.

      OWA access is granted for all users.
      WebDAV is enabled
      HTTPS is required but the cert is from THAWTE so CF should have that already
      They do use Form Based Auth and gave me the correct URL for that
      The only thing that is different from the docs is they say that 2007 uses the /owa virtual directory. The docs call for an /Exchange virtual directory.

      I am not sure what else to try. Is that virtual directory issue a deal killer?

      Does anyone know of a 3rd party or .Net assembly that I can use?

      Thanks a lot,