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    Flash Builder 4.6 - new RadioButton() is not multiline, how to do that?


      Hello, everyone!


      I'm making a quiz app in Flash Builder 4.6 surfed over the whole internet to make multiline radiobutton dynamically in flash builder 4.6 Mobile project in Spark components.

      Anyone met with this problem?


      Here i am making the Radiobutton.


      for (j=0; j<arrAnswers[index].length; j++) {



                                              arrChoices[j] = new RadioButton()

                                              arrChoices[j].label = arrAnswers[index][j];


                                              arrChoices[j].value = j;

                                              arrChoices[j].width = container.width

                                              arrChoices[j].x = qField.x + 10;

                                              arrChoices[j].y = qField.y + qHeight + (aHeight+5)*j;

                                              arrChoices[j].group = rbg






      I found this link but didnt worked for 4.6:


      http://blog.flexexamples.com/2010/04/10/creating-a-multiline-spark-radiobutton-control-in- flex-4/