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    flash buttons and xml

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      Hi...I am looking to an xml file to generate a simple text link in my movie
      that will load flv's. I don't want to load the links into a component. I
      just need simple link text buttons that change color on rollover and act
      like normal link buttons. Right now it loads into a list box and I don't
      like the default rollover stuff that can't be changed with setstlye. Most
      notable the box that appears and highlights around the rollover choice. Can
      anyone direct me in the right area toward a tut or something? Not much help
      on searches.


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          if you already have a fla that loads an xml file and assigns links, you don't need to start over. just find the code that parses the xml file. use some trace() functions to see what's being loaded and assign mouse handlers to your buttons instead of to your list component.