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    Integrating Flurry in Adobe Air for Android

    Cesare Rocchi Level 2



      I am having a hard time integrating Flurry into an android application built with Adobe Air.


      Setting: Flash Builder 4.6 (sdk 4.6) and Adobe Air 3.1


      I have successfully created the bridge between Air and Java (e.g. I can open a native notification).


      The flurry doc requires to call the method

      FlurryAgent.onStartSession(this, "FLURRY_ID");


      in the onStart() of an activity, where 'this' is an instance of the Activity class.

      Following the tutorial on building ane I have seen that when you extend a FREEFunction and you override

      the call method, the context has a "getActivity()", so I hav tried the following



                public FREObject call(FREContext context, FREObject[] args) {


          FlurryAgent.onStartSession(context.getActivity(), "FLURRY_ID");




      But with no success.


      I even tried to build an empty activity and pass it to onStartSession like this:


      Activity a = new Activity();


      FlurryAgent.onStartSession(a, "FLURRY_ID");


      Again, no success.


      I even tried "null", but no success.


      Did anybody face a similar problem here?

      Any suggestion/idea?



      I have tried contacting flurry, but I had no replies.

      I have tried to use the id in another,  built in the gold old way, android application and it works.