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    RoboHelp 8 HTML import of Word file does not create topics

    L Salzman

      I imported a large Word file (350+ pages, 4Mb) into RoboHelp 8 HTML (8.0208).

      In the status bar at the bottom of the screen, it said "Converting filename.doc..." with a progress bar and then (way too fast for a large file) it said "Ready".

      RoboHelp created the project files (.xpj, empty .hhc, etc.) and NO topics.


      I tried several times, with and without conversion settings.  I tried opening an empty project first and then importing the file, but no luck.

      The original file had a few tracked changes and footers which I removed.

      I tried copying the file and deleting all but one heading and paragraph. 

      Nothing helped.


      A friend with RoboHTML 2002 was able to convert it with no problem.


      By the way, when I converted the file to.rtf, I was able to import it and compile it.  But this is not the optimal way to do it.


      Any suggestions are welcome.

      Thank you,

      Leeba Salzman