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    PRE10- Pan and Scan - Burning AVCHD from 1.0 Pixel Photos

    Jsantacroce Level 1

      I have a compilation I put together of scanned pages of a photo album. Unfortunately they are in standard 4:3 format and the pixel aspect is 1.0. I love the new Pan and Scan (except the time to render scenes when using it) and if I create either a DVD in Widescreen or an AVCHD file it converts to HD\Widescreen format and the pan and scan misses the photos from when originally applied.


      I changed the aspect ratio of the photos but the stretched look just doesn't make it. But the quality of the AVCHD file is so much better. Is there a way to bring these together so the end result is a much sharper scene and the Pan and Scan are true to the original creation? I tried many different formats but other then either DVD 4:3 or MPEG NTSC Standard I have not come up with a workable solution.