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    PRE10 - Pan and Scan Default New Frame Size

    Jsantacroce Level 1

      Is there a way to change the Default New Frame size for a project? I have about 4 or 5 frames per page all of which need to be enlarged and my project has a total of 90 pages. So a lot of extra time is spent resizing frames. I can set the default pan and scan times under settings but I have not found a way to start off with the correct size frame.





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The easiest way is to resize one on your timeline, then right-click on it and select Copy.


          Then select all of the others on your timeline, right-click and select Paste Attributes. This will apply any and all effects, resizings or keyframes to all of the selected clips.


          Just a bonus tip I always include in my books, by the way.

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            Jsantacroce Level 1

            Thanks much. I am new at this and just checked out your wesite and books. Look like must-haves!


            ONe additional question though: When copying the Pan and Scan attributes from scene\photo to photo the photos are not in the same order or location on the page. So at that point I would have to still go page by page and align the Keyframes with each photo (and some photos  - they are pages out of an old album - have different numbers of photos on each, some landscape and some portrait) adjust the number of frames. But that still might be faster so thanks for the replies on both posts.


            ps: Does your individual Muvipix guides for PhotoShop Elements and Premier Elements have more info as opposed to the combined book (I will assume they do) and do any of them provide in-depth info on photo restoration techniques and working with Layers!



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              The combined Photo Elements/Premiere Elements book includes the Premiere Elements book in its entirety. It's a great deal!


              The main advantage to the Premiere Elements book is that it comes in both a black & white and a color version. Because the combined book runs over 450 pages, it comes in black & white only.


              Thanks for asking!


              Sorry that I don't have a shortcut for working with photos of different attributes and motion paths. I don't know any way to give them each a custom treatment other than to actually keyframe each individually.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                If the Durations are about the same (being identical is ideal), and the animations similar, the easiest way that I know is to Keyframe the first, as desired. Then Select it, Rt-click and choose Copy. Next, Select all others, Rt-click and choose Paste Attributes. Next comes the hand-work. The Keyframes can be moved about, as is necessary, one Still Image at a time, and the Attributes of each Keyframe can then be adjusted, as is needed. Not long ago, I had a Project with 3000+ Still Images, and had to do just that. With Keyframes in place, the adjustments DID take time, but I could then determine the amount of Pan, and also Zoom, so that my subject was always the focus. Nothing was "random," and it took time, but the results were exactly what I, and the client wanted. Luckily, all Still Images' Duration was identical - 7 sec..


                Good luck,



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                  Jsantacroce Level 1

                  Just wanted to thank you guys again. This all worked out perfectly. I had 92 photos which previously took me three days to put together and I did not like the results. Tonight it took me two hours and it came out ok (IMHO).


                  • Resized all photos to 1000x751 (200dpi, 1.0 pixel size). They were 2832x2128 with 1.0 pixels
                  • Created a new project with a default DV NTSC Standard format
                  • Imported them into the project
                  • Placed the first photo\scene in the timeline
                  • I set 5 pan\scan keyframes. One overall and then 4 quarter frame size
                  • Adjusted the lenth of the scene and pan and scan durations and saved it
                  • Added the other 90 photos to the timeline
                  • Copied the completed scene and then pasted the attributes to all the other photos except a few I didn't want to pan\scan
                  • I selected the clips that had the attributes pasted to them and used the TIme Stretch to set the duration the same as the first pan\scan clip
                  • Dragged and dropped a different transition in between each
                  • Added titles to the beginning and end
                  • Added sountrack music to the entire video
                  • Shared\Exported out to MPEG with NTSC Standard 4:3 format
                  • It took about 10 minutes to render instead of a couple hours


                  Is it great, to me, no. I need to work on a few things and perhaps even reshoot the pages of the album to get better originals (or take them somewhere and scanned on a larger scanner then I have to accomodate them). My wife loved it and on average I think it looks pretty good. But the process works and the time savings are incredible so the next one will be that much better.


                  So thanks again. I have lots more to learn but at least progress is being made.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Glad to have helped, even if in a very small way. I really like your workflow, and especially the adding of the Audio, at the end. Too often, folk will start with the Audio, but that is only a good idea, if one is doing a music video. To me, the spirit and mood of the Video should be laid down first, with most editing done then. After that has been completed, then the music score and possibly narration, should be done. Obviously, you can see who does not edit many music videos!


                    Good luck with the Project, and I completely understand how an editor would think that things could be done better - I suffer from that mightily, and some clients have had to yank the Project out of my hands, as they had deadlines - and I always though I would do just a bit better.


                    Happy editing,