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    Check Box

      Now I'm just trying out Capture and I've noticed something that I may just be overlooking. I know how to create a Click Box to but is there a way to make that click box a check box? I ended up just doing a simple rollover image just curious if there is an easier way.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi xxColeSmackXX and welcome to our community

          Unfortunately, Captivate does not offer a check box as an option. If you feel it would be useful, I would encourage you to sumbit an enhancement request using the following link.

          Click here to visit the wish form

          Sincerely... Rick
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            CatBandit Level 3
            I'm a little bit curious/confused here, folks. For years we have "filled in" a blank check-box by simply putting a click-box over it, set to "jumpto" the following slide which is displaying the "checked" condition (naturally you can reverse the polarity of this to show a "un-ticking" action, vice "ticking").

            Is there some reason why this won't be sufficient for your needs, " xxColeSmackXX"?

            P.S. Okay Rick, what am I missing? It's Thursday, not Monday, and I've had 2 cups of coffee . . . the mention of a rollover really throws me because I can't see a way to make a rollover do as a replacement for a check-box at all . . .
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi Larry

              Hmmm, I think I must have been led down an odd path by the mention of a rollover image. I was thinking of a live check box. I'm assuming xxColeSmackXX must have been referring to an image of an UN-selected check box that would change to showing a check mark when rolled over. But you are absolutely correct in that one could achieve this in the manner you outlined. I think what probably exacerbated my weird way of thinking was that I visualized multiple check boxes that could arbitrarily be in selected/unselected states. Programming this via different images on different slides could be a daunting task to say the least. ;) (Think perhaps a column of 5, with different possibilities)

              Cheers... Rick
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                CatBandit Level 3
                Yeah Rick, I see what you mean. " xxColeSmackXX", perhaps you can help us help you by defining more clearly what you want to happen; that is, what should be seen on the end-user's screen before and after some "event" occurs, and exactly what the "event" is that will trigger the appearance of this *something* (rollover, mouse-click, etc.).

                Have I made myself clear? Hope so.
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                  xxColeSmackXX Level 1
                  I was wanting to do multiple Check Boxes on the same page.
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                    CatBandit Level 3

                    Originally posted by: xxColeSmackXX
                    I was wanting to do multiple Check Boxes on the same page.
                    That certainly did little to clear up my confusion, but maybe Rick "gets it" and can respond with something more intelligent than I am about to offer ....

                    Just place as many click-boxes as you need on the background and set each up as needed. The only danger is getting them over-lapping, which could cause some confusion at play-time. Good luck!