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    Video won't play on certain websites


      Hi, I’m having some trouble with the adobe flash player.  It will play in some websites like YouTube without a problem; however in other websites, like cnn or msnbc, it won’t show the videos (the audio will still work, I just get a white box where the video should be), and if I move the video (or where the video should be) off and on the screen I’ll see the picture for an instant and then it will disappear. I’m using internet explorer 9 and flash player  If I use Google chrome instead the videos work. I just got an inspiron 560.  (Computer is less than one month old)  Does anyone have any ideas? Also sometimes I can’t see adobe adversitements either. I have already reset my browser to factory settings again.

      Video I can see



      Video I can’t see


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Welcome to our community


          I know you likely believe you are absolutely seeking help with your issue in the right place. After all, the forum name here is Audio/Video.


          Unfortunately, it's a forum where we discuss Audio/Video issues as related to Adobe Captivate.


          You need to click the link below and from the page that displays, locate the forum that applies to whatever product you are using. Perhaps Flash? I'm not sure.


          Click here to view


          Best of luck to you in finding your solution! Rick

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            mrground Level 1

            Thanks Captiv8r. Wouldn't you know it. As soon as I post this I get a message saying IE9 is ready to install updates.  As soon as it did.  This problem went away. Thanks.