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    Adobe Reader 10 Web Application Problem




      I am currently troubleshooting issues with Adobe Reader 10, while opening PDF files in a web application using IE, Acro32.exe opens in the background and does not open the page. Any attempt to end the process fails, if the user closes IE and attempts to reopen IE or Adobe Reader 10 application they will either freeze or start in the background and not open a window. The computer must be restarted in order to open these applications again.


      Troubleshooting steps:

      • Attempted to disable all of Adobe Reader 10's protected mode setting - no change
      • Attempted to disable "Display PDF in browser" - no change
      • Updated Reader to 10.1.2 - no change
      • Forced the frozen Acro32.exe to restart using Sysinternals Procexp and receive the following error "Faulting application acrord32.exe, version, faulting module acrord32.exe, version, fault address 0x0005640a." The application fails to stop and this error is generated by the new process spawned.



      Once the client is rolled back to version 9 the issue is resolved.


      The web application does not open inline windows in IE; it will open a new Reader window (in normal functionality).


      Any suggestions?