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    Open File Action!

    Henry Wilson_969

      (InDesing CS5.5)

      I have created a circle shape in an InDesing page document.

      Then I've converted the circle object into a button with Convert Object to a Button at the bottom right of the Buttons panel.

      The Object name is Circle button.

      Event: On Release

      Actions: Open File

      Select File: c:\docs\The Showdown.txt





      Stroke:     4pt

      Opacity:   40%



      Stroke:     8pt

      Opacity:   60%



      Stroke:     10pt

      Opacity:   100%


      Then I click File > Export > Flash Player (SWF)

      The .html document opens automatically but once I click the circle button the showdown.txt file do not opens.

      Why the circle button do not function!

      Can someone help me?