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    Cannot download library books using Overdrive as I am being blocked by Adobe.


      When trying to download library books I am blocked because, when trying to authorise my tablet, adobe returns the following message.

      "error activating device with adobe E_Adept_request_expired (error code 2004)"

      Tried contacting adobe by phone and by chat and just get passed on - no help at all. Have contacted Overdrive who insist that adobe is at fault.

      Initially when I first got my tablet(arnova 10G2) last November all worked well with library downloads etc until a few days ago. I had to reset my tablet with a factory upgrade and I now have this problem. I have reinstalledall necessary files (ADE comes preloaded)have checked and rechecked all settings to no avail. Adobe  just refuses to co-operate. I there anyone out there please who can assist.




      PS I've even had problems trying to log in to this site despite having been a customer of adobe for more than 15 years