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    Indesign CS5.5 ePub export option missing


      Hi there


      I have just upgraded indesign CS5 to 5.5 - specifically to publish ePub books and I come to do my first one and the option isnt available under the "export for" option there is just a greyed out Buzzword option. I am probably doing something wrong but I have looked at all the options and searched the Internet and cant find an answer - any ideas?


      Many thanks



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          Nigel Chapman

          For a single document, just use File>Export and choose EPUB from the pop-up labelled Format at the bottom of the Save dialogue. (That's what it's labelled on a Mac, may be slightly different if you're on Windows.) If you have a book, there's an Export Book to EPUB... command on the fly-out menu on the Book panel.


          Crashes InDesign every time when I try it lately. That's probably just me, but don't say you weren't warned.

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            Aitch423 Level 1

            Hi there


            Yes just found it - thanks for your response. I am still battling with structure at the moment and 'encrypted' fonts which seem to cause problems with iBooks. Oh well another learning experience!!!!


            Thanks again