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    TOC titles, topic titles and search

      Suppose you want to create the same structure within TOC books.

      Here's an example of what I mean:

      TOC book: Chapter 1
      --> TOC page: General
      --> TOC page: Procedures

      TOC book: Chapter 2
      --> TOC page: General
      --> TOC page: Procedures

      For the topic titles of the underlying HTM files, I used the exact same description as for the TOC (Chapter 1, General, Procedures etc.), because I wish to create the exact same navigational structure in both WebHelp (TOC) and PDF format (bookmarks).
      I found that the PDF converter uses the topic titles for bookmarks, whereas the TOC title is being used for WebHelp. That's why I want to maintain the relation beween TOC title and topic title.

      If you perform a search, the search will list the topic titles found.

      Example: Suppose a certain word appears in both 'General' topics (Chapter 1 and Chapter 2), the search will list the topic title 'General' twice:

      This outcome of course doesn't make much sense.

      Is it possible to add additional info to the search outcome, so that you'll get something like e.g:
      General (Chapter 1)
      General (Chapter 2)

      Any advice/suggestions on how to tackle this problem is very much appreciated?

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          MergeThis Level 4
          Your topic names should be more focused (different), such as Naming (Ch1) Overview, Naming Procedures, Group Naming (Ch2) Overview, Group Naming Procedures, etc.

          While this might originally result in a more cluttered TOC, you can edit those TOC names to the shorter version as in your example.

          Good luck,
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            Hermie3 Level 1
            Hi Leon,

            That's what I initially did.

            I started out with this:

            --> COGS General
            --> COGS Procedures

            --> OPEX General
            --> OPEX Procedures

            and I then renamed the TOC names:

            --> General
            --> Procedures

            That worked fine and a search was showing descriptive topic tiles like 'COGS General' (to my audience that is :-)

            Later on, I noticed that this structure created inconsistencies between WebHelp and Printed Output:

            TOC in WebHelp:
            --> General
            --> Procedures

            TOC and BOOKMARKS in PDF:
            --> COGS General
            --> GOGS Procedures