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    Is there a quicker way?


      Hi, I’m pretty new to InDesign and really appreciate your help.  I’m making an employee directory with each employee’s photograph on one side of the page and a brief job description beside it. There are two employees photographs and descriptions per page. I have the employees in alphabetic order and now that I’ve done all 55 employees, the manager wants his removed. Wouldn’t you know it? He’s on page 13 of 27 pages! Right in the middle! Can you think of a way I can remove his photo and job description and not leave ½  a page blank? I do have photos on one layer and text on another, btw. I’m just trying to avoid having to physically move a total of 58 boxes. Thanks for your help. Merissa

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I'm afraid that the way you've constucted your document you pretty much have no other options than to move everything manually (though you can check over in scripting and see if anyone has a bright idea: InDesign Scripting).


          For directories like this I'd probably suggest you use Data Merge, instead, and place the photo as an anchored object in the text so it will move with it during editing. Data Merge would give you a series of independent frames, but there are scripts, like the Text Stitch script at Rorohico.com, that can thread these frames together for you into a single story. Once threaded, adding or removing an entry will cause the following entries to shift automatically, or you can just edit the data source file and redo the merge if you don't want to thread. Either of those options is a lot faster than moving 14 pages of entries.

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            SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I don't know what else you can do at this point unless your current data is in excel.

            If you had a field for employee name NAME, one for description DESC and one for name of photo '@PHOTO, you could set this up with data merge. If you do these often, it would save you a lot of time to do these this way.


            Another option for future books, is to set up a 2 column table to contain the photo and description. Then it would be a simple matter to delete the row (or add one mid-book at the last minute).

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              Marcy325 Level 1

              Thanks so much for answering. This is a great place to get help.