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    Inability to activate installed Adobe Digital Editions software

    Mad Paulsen

      I am able to download and successfully install the Adobe Digital Editions software on my HP Pavillion desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium but I cannot activate the program after installation.


      Before the first time the program is launched, to gain access, you must enter your Adobe ID and Password but I am never asked for this information at the end of the installation process.


      I have installed, uninstalled and re-installed the program several times but the end result is always the same.  When I open the program all I get is a black, inoperative screen.


      Thank you for any suggestions as to why this is happening.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I'm not sure what process you've followed to install ADE.  I'm guessing, so

          let me go over the process from the start.  No offense - I don't have

          enough information about what you've done to be specific.


          First, you should be going to the Adobe website and registering as a user.

          When you do that, your ADE download will contain your Adobe User ID and

          your Adobe password.  At that point, ADE is 'ready for action'.  I would

          uninstall ADE, empty the Recycle Bin, then register with Adobe and try the

          download again.


          Next, Win 7 seems to have some kinks in it that have caused some ADE users

          to swear, curse and generally get nasty at the software.  Security settings

          have to be set to allow ADE to interact with ebook websites.  But there are

          some hidden settings that you don't see that have caused problems.  Also,

          some users have mentioned that you may need to use 'compatibiltiy mode' for

          the software.


          Hope this helps!