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    Need advice on large format laserjet printers

    miz_nrg Level 1

      I'm hoping some of you could provide some advice on purchasing a large format laserjet printer for a small company.  Up until now, I've been sending out print jobs for anything over 8 1/2 x 11.  My boss wants me to look into the cost of a good laserjet printer so that we can do our printing in-house.  I'd basically be printing product brochures, inserts for kits (which I'll be laminating on the machine he recently purchased), small product catalogs and flyers.  I need it to be capable of printing on at least 11 x 17 and preferably support duplex.  I've read so many product reviews, top 10 lists, etc., that my head is about to explode.  I figured getting input from those who actually use the products on a regular basis might help out a bit more.  Your input is appreciated!




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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Check out the Xerox Phaser printers.




          Not cheap but very, good.





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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I just replaced my old Phaser 790 with the Phaser 7800 (cost a bit more than $5000 for the base model with the PhaserMatch color calibration module added). It's fast, the print qulity is amazing, it can handle 12 x 18 and do banners up to 48" long (haven't tied that), will duplex (duplex is standard) 67 # cover from the tray, and 110# cover with an upgrade kit, and can print on very thick stock -- up to 350 gsm (130# cover). There's also a finsher module availble (you need the auxiliary tray unit, too, to use it) that will punch, fold and stitch, but that's way out of my range.


            THere are rebates available, too, for trade-ins of other printers.

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              miz_nrg Level 1

              Thank you both for your input.  I was looking at the Xerox Phasers but wanted to be sure they were worth the money.  How are they on toners?  Do they stand up to the claims of 9,600 standard and 17,800 high capacity? 

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                I haven't had the new machine long enough to know about consumtion, but I always presume the actual use will be more than  advertised (the yeild will be less), but it depends on the sort of thing you print. I do a lot of full-page coverage stuff with bleeds, which uses much more toner than a page of text. I think, though that you can use claims for yeild from competing brands as a fairly good basis for relative comparison -- they should all be based on about the same coverage specification and would be off by the smae factors for the same sort of work.


                In theory I can't really justify owning this printer with the volume I do -- I might not turn it on for a whole month -- but my 790 was pretty trouble free for the first three or four years, and it's only major quirk was it developed an inability to feed a stack from the bypass tray in Black-only print mode and it also started misfeeding paper from the regular tray, which took me a while to diagnose. That turnd out to be a felt bumper on a spring-loaded arm run by a solenoid that was meant to re-engage a shaft lock. The felt was attached with double-stick tape and after 5 years the felt wore off and the tape was sticking to the solenoid when it closed for a fraction of a second so the shaft rotated past the lock point before the arm released. No problem to fix once I knew, but a bear to figure out. I recommend a service contract if you are a volume user, and I think Xerox is now offering free service if you buy enough supplies (I don't), so the contract can be essentially endless.


                As far as "worth the money" goes, what are your criteria? I don't think there's another printer in this class that can touch them in terms of print quality, but you should get some print samples form your own files done on ANY printer that's on your list.

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                  My advice would be not to do it. I was consulting for a firm who did a lot of A3 size colour printing (posters and suchlike for restaurants and a nightclub) and they went ahead and bought a Xerox phaser. It wasn't long before they were spending as much on toner and paper as they had been on getting prints outsourced - and that did not include the huge cost of buying the thing in the first place and the service contract. It was generally reliable but from time to time things went wrong. Funny thing was, it always broke down on a Friday afternoon...

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                    miz_nrg Level 1

                    I know it's been a while since I started this thread.  I'm going to test out a WorkCentre 7530 w/ Office Finisher LX tomorrow.  Any advice on what I should look out for?  I plan on printing out a few product brochures on 80lb and 100lb 11x17, a few sales flyers on 28lb and 32lb, an 8-pg manual to test out the booklet features, as well as a sheet containing all of the logos we print in various sizes so I can see how it handles the various PMS colors.  I was also thinking about bringing along some labels.  I think that would pretty much cover the materials we would be printing on.  Am I missing anything?  Is there any sort of color sheet I should print to see how it handles various colors/shades or effects? 

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      Keep in mind this is an "office" printer, not a graphic arts printer, so I wouldn't expect quite the same level of color accuracy.