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    CS2 took over as master and CS5 will not open automatically - why and how do I change it?


      A few days ago, I was cleaning my computer of programs that were no longer being used and accidentally erased CS2 because I'm only using CS5. The problem, I later found out, is that CS2 has to stay loaded in my computer because it is the full InDesign program that I've been updating; therefore, when I uninstalled CS2, CS5 would no longer operate and I was forced to reinstall CS2.


      Now, I have no problems and CS5 opens without a problem, but whenever I go to open an InDesign file, no matter if it was saved as a CS2, CS3, CS4 or a CS5, it will always try to open with CS2. None of them open, obviously, and I'm forced to open CS5 and then go to File and then open them like that. If I try to open a file and click on Open with..., the only InDesign program that shows is the CS2. If I go and search for the CS5 program, find it, select it and then say use that to open it, the file is still opened with CS2.


      Something in my head is telling me that I have to remove CS5 and then reinstall it for it to be the main InDesign program that's used. Is that right or is there another way to make CS5 back to be the main program to use?


      Any help is appreciated,