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    Another entry in the Switch to PC diary

    lasvideo Level 4
      Another entry in the Switch to PC diary. I have always had a profound respect for video engineers / computer nerds that not only have a wealth of information, but listen to my needs and are able to translate that into tools that help me work smarter and faster. I wish everyone switching could talk to Eric at ADK. I always come away educated and excited about possibilities and solutions I had not even considered. He also is the tech support for that company as well as a hands on editor.Their website doesnt have the flash and glamor that HP and Boxx do, but his ability to craft a system that enhances my workflow AND to explain why is far more important than glitzy PR. So I will continue to wait until around NAB when the new Sandy Bridge E - Dual Xeon boards are released. Im 58 years old and this might well be the last computer of this magnitude and power that I buy. And I want it to do everything from AVCHD to EPIC if need be. Just one mans opinion..................http://www.adkvideoediting.com/