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    rendering cfgrid through js


      i have a html cfgrid that should be populated by a cfc


      to the cfc i'm passing 4 column names and a string (as form field values)


      this works fine with a cfinvoke, when page loads first. but now i want to be able to pass different values to cfc and reload my grid with the new values.


      i've created a proxy <cfajaxproxy cfc="repfunc" jsclassname="rproxy" />


      created a js function:

      function srcCxReqs(srcReqs,f1,f2,f3,f4) {

               var instance = new rproxy();





      created a button that collects (correctly) the values to pass and calls the js function:

      <button name="getReqs" onClick="srcCxReqs(getElementById('srcReqs').value, getElementById('f1').options[f1.selectedIndex].value, getElementById('f2').options[f2.selectedIndex].value, getElementById('f3').options[f3.selectedIndex].value, getElementById('f4').options[f4.selectedIndex].value)">


      <cfgrid name="testgrid" format="html" query="cxReqs"></cfgrid>


      but when i try it, get "Exception thrown and not caught, cfajax.js, Code:0

      i'm not even sure the cfajaxproxy is the right way to do it.


      does anybody have a working example of a cfgrid being renedered again by a js function?




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          ion Level 1

          getting desperate, at this point i would settle even for "how to reload a cfgrid by clicking on a button"


          even this throws an "object does not support this property or method"


          <cfajaxproxy cfc="repfunc" jsclassname="rproxy" />

          function refreshGrid() {

                  var instance = new rproxy();






          <input type="button" name="getReqs" value="Refresh"  onClick="refreshGrid()">


          <cfgrid name="testgrid" format="html" query="cxReqs"></cfgrid>


          thanks for any help