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    Best keyboard and mouse for typesetting and design (not sure where else to put this)

    TwitchOSX Level 1

      So, we got a new Mac Pro. I don't think this keyboard is going to work so well for typesetting. Too little travel on the keys I think. And the wireless mouse.... it's OK but I definitely need something different.


      Pros and Cons


      Apple keyboard: Pros - The function keys at the top for controlling audio, ejecting the CD tray, screen brightness etc.

      Cons - You have to hold the "fn" key and hit F12 to get to the Widgets. Didn't have to do that with our G5 keyboard. Metal body.... I'm CONSTANTLY shocking myself on this thing from the static of the carpet. Key travel.... they don't go down very far. Not sure if that is desirable or not.


      Magic Mouse: Pros - Multitouch surface is nice for moving left and right when zoomed in on something or moving an image around. The other multitouch gestures are pretty cool as well. It's wireless, that's nice. Havent had one of those before.

      Cons - It just feels like crap in my hand. It doesn't have the standard "hump" that most mice have to fill up your hand.


      So... what do people think? Ideas? Thoughts?