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    Video Export repeatedly getting stuck at 47%....Does not encode any further?

    mystickid Level 1

      My DSLR 7 min video (with color correction effects) is taking about 10 hrs to render/export each time. I learned that's normal for my specs.


      I still got a couple versions of the video completely exported after the 10 hrs.  However, just recently, (the past 2 days), the export of the same video keeps getting stuck at 41% or 47% for several hours, not even increasing by 1% after many hours.


      My export settings are same as before the render getting stuck.


      Source footage is 1920 X 1080 (1.0) @ 23.976 FPS


      Output is the Vimeo HD 1280 X 720 preset with the H.264 codec  24 FPS Progressive

      Profile: Main    Level: 3.1

      VBR  2 Pass   Target 8   Max 9 mbps

      "Use Maximum render Quality" box checked

      Estimated file size is 456mb.



      PC Specs

      HP 510t

      Windows 7 Home Premium x64 bit

      12GB Ram

      i7 2600 CPU @3.4 GHz

      Radeon ATI HD 5570

      Seagate FreeAgent Go Flex External harddrive @7200rpm (as the Source Disk for my DSLR video files ) My export location is the C: drive on my computer' s internal hard drive.


      I tried searching this same issue.  Someone else also had a stuck %  export and was suggesed to clean the media cache. It worked for them.  I went to edit>prefrences>media and "cleaned" the cache, restarted PP 5.5 and re-started the export..  Since then it's been stuck at 47% for several hours.


      What should I do?