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    Repetitive pages

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      How do I edit double spreads appearing in horizontal view? The vertical view from ipad displays single pages, but when viewed from the horizontal view, double spreads appeared.

      Please help Adobe experts...



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          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

          What do you mean by double spreads? Does your document have facing pages?

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            TeamApps01 Level 1

            Hi Bob,


            My indesign document is just a single page. Bob, you are the closest to

            helping me resolve my issues. I really hope you have time to check this

            detailed post to get me past this bumps...


            I created a 6 paged folio as a test file with horizontal and vertical



            In effect I had 6 folders labeled as articles containing two articles each

            for the horizontal and vertical layout using _h and _v suffix.

            and check it from an ipad. I was able to upload it through the Folio





            When viewed from the iPad Vertical Orientation:


            Left hand page on print   :   shows a single page which ill refer to "PAGE

            A" for illustration purpose


            Right hand page on print :   shows another single page which ill refer to

            "PAGE B" for illustration purpose




            As a horizontal article, I placed the image of PAGE A and PAGE B together

            on one landscape orientation ipad document to simulate a print spread. I

            did this for both Left and right hand document, saving the same horizontal

            article on each folder but with different article file name.




            to illustrate:


            Left hand single page article folder contains:


            PAGE A_v


            PAGE A+B_h




            Right hand single page article


            PAGE B_v


            PAGE A+B2_h




            Now when I view it from the ipad, Vertical view displays correctly showing

            each vertical page separately. But when viewed horizontally, obviously two

            spreads for each left and right hand page appeared.



            I was able to resolve this before through Folio Editor/Organizer by

            deleting recurring spreads in horizontal view.



            I just discovered that I cant view anything from the Folio Editor/Organizer

            no matter what Folio I upload. I discovered this by uploading a test

            article with just a vector shape on it. It still did not show me any content










            On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 12:28 PM, Bob Bringhurst - Adobe

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              Hi there, I'm wondering if you ended up finding a solutions for this?


              I am having the same problem but with both horizontal and vertical pages - I have double pages of both and can't seem to work out why. I have tried loading the pages differently and when I do this all pages load corectly BUT my navigation on the horizontal pages doesn't work throughout the whole document.


              I would be greatful for any suggestions...



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                TeamApps01 Level 1



                I learned this the hard way...I hope this is what you were looking for:


                This is how your file structure should look like for a 5 page document example: (i'll start on the article level)

                page 1 right page : cover

                page 2 left page

                page 3 right page

                page 4 left page

                page 5 right page


                Article 1:


                1-page indd document : cover in vertical



                1-page indd document : vertical cover laid out on right side of the page, proportionally sized according to height of horizontal page 


                Article 2:


                2-page indd document  : page 2 left page (facing page turned off)

                                                  :  page 3 right page



                1-page indd document : both page 2 left page and page 3 right page side by side (spreads)


                Article 3: (the same as article 2)


                2-page indd document  : page 4 left page

                                                  :  page 5 right page



                1-page indd document : both page 4 left page and page 5 right page




                • The trick is, you have to activate "horizontal swipe" button from the Folio Organizer.

                • Make sure to leave allowance for the control bars away from the document edge when you lay out your pages proprtionally.

                • I used PDF placed on an indd document with PDF as the default format. PDF thumbnails won't be viewable from the Folio Organizer because of this.




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                  p!nk1973 Level 1

                  Hi Mikke,


                  Thanks for your help with this, much appreciated.


                  It turns out I was naming my Articles incorrectly - I was putting _h and _v after each article (as well as my Indesign files) so it was loading each horizontal and vertical page twice. Once I changed my Article names it worked beautifully.