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    Who would like 'private collections'

    Luc Bourgeois

      In working with Lightroom with ALL my collections in the same catalog I sorely need the ability to assign viewing privileges with a simple password. The idea is to tag collections or keywords as private, restricting even their names to be seen. That means I don't have to worry about clients (who I often have looking through certain collections) stumble elsewhere.


      Anyone else up for this?

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          I could see this as being useful. Also, I think password protected catalogs (that is, to even be opened) would be nice as an option.

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            seanmcfoto ACP

            Keywords can already be made private, in the sense that they never export.


            As to hiding photos? This was possible way back in the original Betas. Personally, I too would like to see it return. There's urban myths about Lightroom tutors accidentally showing senstive photos of loved ones on stage!

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              Babar_e Community Member

              Would like to see it too.

              even without password. we could just right click on a collection and select "make it private, and all photos of the private collection would be filtered out of the view unless you would select to view the private collection.


              there are also a few more question about how private collection should work:

              What if you do not touch the private collection for a prolonged period and forget the password. You will need to delete the collection and built it again. But without password should a private collection be deleteable?

              Could we have private collectino without password, just to use them as custom filters (that filter out stuff rather than the opposite - which the current behavior)




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                Paolo Avezzano Community Member



                I'd really love to have that feature, but a "Private photos" settings would be even better to hide certain shots from generic (smart)collections.

                I often show my photos to others and I really do not like to show family members and friends.

                For now I have to remember to select a filter preset which hides a certain keyword (I manually tag certain people in my photos).


                This is not the best way to work!

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                  Mark_Eaton Community Member

                  This is unnecessary. Just create a new catalogue for your client. They will only be able to view their own images. Many photographers usr LR this way.

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                    Luc Bourgeois Community Member

                    I've tried using a new catalog just for clients, but obviously it's very limted: I improvise with my client in the search for images. Knowing ahead of time what image will be required is impossible. I thus need access to all my (non-private) photos.


                    The search filter won't work either, for the same reason as above, since I will search with many different parameters.


                    Say he wants something wide. I'll click on metadata for a wide lens. Right there a whole lot of irrelevant/personal photos would be seen.


                    Say he wants a photo with a dog. Again, I would need access to the search filter, and again many private photos would appear. Just in setting up diferent filters, from one parameter to another, private photos would appear.

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                      Paolo Avezzano Community Member

                      I really don't think that I should need to create a new catalog and relaunch Lightroom every single time I'd like to show my picture the someone else.

                      Photo tagging is really powerfull when combined with smart-collection-alike systems: every change is automatically taken in account, I mean... it's no more than a RDBMS View.


                      I still think that a specific settings to hide certain keywords/collection would be better.

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                        Babar_e Community Member

                        It is a bad idea to have photos in 2 different catalogs:

                        If you apply a change in on catalog, this won't be reflected in the other one.

                        If you apply change in both catalog even worse

                        -> then you end up with metadata, and developpement conflict.

                        It becomes easy to loose track of what you did,...


                        Using filters is not convenient either, as filters currently works like : show me that only. what we want is a do not show me that.

                        and as already stated it is very easy to change the filters to look for a new item, and get the unwanted photo displayed again

                        It is not convenient to use smart collection because it is here again easy to get photos from outside the collection by selecting another collection...

                        and neither of those protect your photos with a password

                        of course protecting the photo with a password only protect them from being viewed in lightroom and not from being viewed in windows explorer,... but that is more than enough for most of us.


                        By the way go and vote for the feature here:

                        http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/locking_smart_collections_to_support _global_pre_filter_and_privacy-13fd4a



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                          Babar_e Community Member

                          on top of private concern, this feature would be very useful in many other cases:


                          Indeed sometime I just want some photos to get out of my view not because I do not want to show them to anybody, but because they pollute my catalog (though I want to be able to find them in the catalog as it helps me access them much faster than by the windows explorer and edit them if needed or reuse them,...)


                          -I import my raws as DNG, but I keep my raws as well so I would like to hide them I do not need to view them all the time.

                          -I make (or made before lr came to the world) destructive edition, and kept a copy of the original. same problem here I want them both in the catalog but I do not need anymore to view the originals all the time

                          -I do panorama or HDR, I do not need the photos that were used to that purpose, to appear in the catalog all the time

                          -I create videos using time step photos , I do not want all those photos to appear all the time.

                          -And with LR 4 you can create soft proof copies, I do not want them to appear in the catalog all the time

                          You could tell me to stack photos, and I do that, but I end up with all of my photos being stacked, and I need to unstack to see why they were stacked, and imagine what the stack looks like if I have a multiple-softproofed destructively edited HDR, panorama, with the dngs and the raws images... Ok I am making up the worst possible case. But you get the idea : the stack does not mean anything more.



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                            In the same token, I would like to be able to define a private mode for the cache also.

                            When working with these 'private' catalogs, I should be able to tell lightroom not to use the regular cache or to delete/wipe any data of these pictures after use.


                            For instance, I have an external hard drive where some pictures are present. I would like to be able to tell lightroom that for these pictures only (or the specific catalog that will be created for them), no data should be written outside of the same hard drive (cache included).


                            I would see the use of these features when working on sensitive photos. No, not the one all of you are thinking about, but in my case: crime scene or investigations :-)