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    Shared Object problem with AIR Creative Suite Extensions


      Hi all,


      I'm developping AIR Extensions for creative suite (mostly Indesign) using Flash Builder 4.5 with the "Extension builder plugin".


      I'm new to sharedObject but it seems easy and i gave it a try. It didn't work in an extension builder project..


      So i made a simple AIR project in Flash Builder 4.5, and the sharedObjects worked perfectly ! (i tested read/write actions of a sharedObject : easy and functional)


      There seems to be some kind of problem when using it in an Indesign Extension, or i may forget something. When i do the getLocal("mySO"), and then assign some values to it (mySO.data.test = "some data";), the flush() method return me the string "flushed" so everything seems normal at this point.


      When i try to read it back, the data object of my same sharedObject is empty, instead of showing me the "test" field in it


      Again, i want to underline i used the same code for my simple AIR project where it all worked well and this AIR "Extension" for indesign project.


      Anyone could enlight me here ? finding information over the web on Air extension is allready a pain, but when you begin to have problem using some features like sharedObject in it, you find nothing out there.


      Thank you very much !