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    Flash paper setSelection

    vinod kumar k v Level 1

      Q1). I have converted nearly 10 Docs to swf using FlashPaper 2.0.

      And I want to externally load (runtime) these docs into a Main file (fla). And I will publish the main file as EXE.

      Now, Coming to the main part. I could resize the loaded docs using "setSize" flashpaper API

      (IFlashPaper interface).


      But using the same IFlashPaper interface i could not "setTextSelectionRange(sel:SelectionRange, skipBroadcast:Boolean):Void;".



      Q2). Do I have any option to change the colour of text for the selected texts??

      Using selection tool in FlashPaper, I select a range of text. And I should have a button to change the colour of that text (selected).


      Thank you.

      Vinod Kumar.K.V